Get Addons

The get addons page is your tool for finding and installing the new addons you want with ease.


Not all providers have a way to pull a list of available addons, currently addons from WowUpHub, CurseForge, and TukUI are listed here.


You can use the search box to search WowUpHub, CurseForge, and TukUI addons.


When you search you are hitting the provider directly. So if you're not getting the result you want to show up, its likely a problem with the provider and not with WowUp.

Install from URL

If you want to install an addon manually that you are unable to find using the search feature this button is for you, such as something directly from GitHub or just a zip file.

URL Sources

Currently you can grab the URL from your browser and paste it into the install from URL dialog and WowUp will do the rest for the following sources.

  • GitHub repository URL.
  • WowInterface addon URL or download URL.
  • Curseforge page URL, not all addons will work this way.
  • Any URL that points to a zip file directly.
GitHub Note

Not all GitHub repositories will work with the import process. In order for WowUp to be able to install an addon from GitHub the author must have created a tagged release. That tagged release must then contain a packaged zip file that WowUp can find.

A good example of a working GitHub repo is the official WowUp Addon Example.

Zip URL Notes

You can import a zip file from a url directly. However, since there is no supporting data it will not be able to maintain updates and will be marked as ignored.