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You are in a flight zone, swimming in the water or joined by a friend, who can't fly jet?
You want to ride on, but your armor is low and you should repair asap?
You want to show off with these awesome mounts, which nobody else has got (except, everybody got it;)?
You got some favorite mounts for all these occasions and just want to be surprised, which mount will summon next?

All this can be done with Mounty #TLV and all this will happen magically with just 1 single key pressed.

What it does

Always the perfect mount in any given situation!

If you are lucky and got a few mounts in your collection, then it's quite simple to name the right mount to summon in every situation. Depending on the actual circumstances you are in.

Mounty #TLV offers 6 categories for your mounts:

  • Ground mounts - Mounts, which are big fun to ride, always with their feet on the ground.
  • Flying mounts - These can spread their wings or ignite their rockets to reach for the sky, with you on their back.
  • Water mounts - There are/were mounts which could walk on the water. At least there are few which are faster swimmers than others, so you don't have to hold your breath too long.
  • Repair mounts - You got one of these, haven't you? Or do you still have to run miles to the next anvil, to get bat to 100% durability?
  • Taxi mounts - A passenger's seat for a good friend is perfect for questing, farming, and fighting together hand in hand. Especially when your taxi has wings, and your friend doesn't know how to fly. He'll never forget your helping wing erm hand.
  • Show off mounts - You spent hours, days, weeks to get this special one, the mount of your dreams. There will never be a better one. Until tomorrow. But for now, everybody around must see: You got it!

You can assign up to 10 different favorite mounts to every category per drag & drop from your mount collection.

And you can assign this one and only magic key, which does its magic when pressed.

The magic that happens

Via checkboxes you can decide between the following:

  • Taxi mode on/off: If on and you are in a group, prefer your taxi mount to summon and call for your friend to hop on.
  • Don't fly mode on/off: Your winged mounts will (mostly) be ignored whilst in a party. Helpful if you joined friends, who can't fly yet and don't want to be left behind.

In the end its quite simple. When the magic key is pressed, it goes like this:

Are you already on a mount? Then dismount and get down unless you're flying high and might fall at Hogger's feet. Then do nothing.

You were not already mounted? Then let's do the real magic and get you the mount you crave for.

You just killed thousands of enemies and your durability is lower than the threshold via options? Summon your repair mount and be reborn.

You hang around with friends and your taxi mode is on? My friend, we call for a taxi mount to ride away together. Hop on!

You are in a resting area? Time to impress everyone around with one of your favorite show off mounts.

You're in a flight zone, all alone? Spread your wings or start your engines and up, up, up it goes with your favorite fly mount.

You're in a flight zone with friends and didn't deactivate flying via don't fly mode? Jump on your fly mount as race the skies with your friends.

It is sad that you can't fly, and it gets worse, cause you're swimming in cold water, but at least now you will summon your water mount to get back to the beach asap.

None of the above did come true: Now it's time to get back to where it all started by climbing on the back of these good old ground mounts and take your ride to all five horizons.

Magic done. By Mounty #TLV.

The full magic in less words

Magic key is pressed ->\Are you mounted and flying -> Do nothing\Are you mounted and not flying -> Dismount\You are not mounted ->\Your durability is lower than xx% (see options) -> Repair mount\You are party member, 'taxi mode' is on -> Taxi mount\You are in a resting area -> Show off mount\You are in a flight zone, all alone -> Fly mount\You are in a flight zone with friends and 'don't fly mode' is off -> Fly mount\You are swimming -> Water mount\else -> Ground mount\

But there is still more than that

Mounty #TLV will choose the perfect category as described above. But there might be empty categories you didn't or couldn't assign any mount to.

In this case there is a fallback:

If a category is empty, it will then select one of your flying mounts. And if there are none, too, it will select one of your ground mounts. And if those are also missing, then there is only one last thing Mounty #TLV can do for you: Randomly summon any mount out of your whole collection, preferring your favorites if there are any.


  • Exception 1: In flyable resting areas only flyable show off mounts will be chosen.
  • Exception 2: As long as you haven't given to fly yet, ground mounts will always be prefered before fly mounts.

How to configure and use

Type /mounty in the chat and the options frame will open.

Mounty #TLV's option frame can also open automatically with the mount journal if option is active.

And Mounty #TLV's option frame can be opened by clicking a button in the mount journal's bottom right corner.

Drag & drop all your favorite mounts into the categories of your choice. Click right on a mount to remove it from a category.


  • Random - If on, Mounty #TLV will randomly summon a mount of the selected category. If off then it will cycle through one by one.
  • Don't fly - Whilst you are in a party: Even if you are in a flight zone and have learned to fly, you will not and stay on the ground. Looking for any reason? If you joined a friend who can't fly yet and you want to help him progress, farm, or quest, then it's quite fair to stay with him and keep eye level. Except ...
  • Taxi mode - You want to help a friend and give him some rides whilst questing and farming together, then turn this on. When in a party and you summon your mount, your taxi mount will arrive. Where to?
  • How to call ... - Say it! When your taxi arrives this short line of text will be chatted, so your friend will hop on and not let you wait. (Only if in group)
  • Durability threshold - When your durability is lower than this, there's always a big hand for summoning your repair mount first. It's another kind of magic.
  • Debug mode - Magic in numbers and letters. See for yourself what Mounty #TLV let's you know via chat messages.

Command line

Type in chat or use in macros


/mounty - to open the options frame

/mounty debug on - to turn debug mode on
/mounty debug off - to turn debug mode off
/mounty auto on - to turn auto open mode on
/mounty auto off - to turn auto open mode off
/mounty fly on - to turn don't fly mode off(!)
/mounty fly off - to turn don't fly mode on(!)
/mounty random on - to turn random mode on
/mounty random off - to turn random mode off
/mounty taxi on - to turn taxi mode on
/mounty taxi off - to turn taxi mode off


/mounty magic - to let Mounty #TLV's magic happen

/mounty ground - to summon ground mount
/mounty fly - to summon fly mount
/mounty water - to summon water mount
/mounty repair - to summon repair mount
/mounty taxi - to summon taxi mount
/mounty showoff - to summon show off mount
/mounty random - to summon random mount

Binding keys

Use system key bindings to assign your magic key.

Besides the magic key you can also bind some special keys to summon a mount of a category of your choice. No magic then, but pure free will.

For example, my config is like this:

  • # -> Magic key
  • CTRL-# -> Repair mount
  • SHIFT-# -> Taxi mount
  • ALT-# -> Water mount
  • CTRL-Space -> Show off mount

Thank you!

Comments, feedback, and questions are welcome!

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